Southridge Shootout Tournament Rules February 17 - 18th, 2024

The team listed first on the schedule for pool play and on the top of the bracket in the single elimination tourney is the home team. The Home team will wear white, is responsible for the official book, and will provide the game ball. The Visiting team is responsible for the official clock. IHSAA rules apply to all games with the following exceptions:

  • All games will be played as two 12-minute halves.
  • No games will start before their scheduled time unless agreed to by both coaches.
  • Pre-game warm up is at least 5 minutes; even if behind schedule. Half-time shall be no longer than 5 minutes.
  • NOTICE: The designated home team will supply the game ball.
  • A Total of two (2) full timeouts per half will be allowed to each team. One (1) additional time out per team will be awarded in each overtime period. Timeouts do not carry over to any overtime periods.
  • An overtime period is 3 minutes in length.
  • The clock will continue to run (except for timeouts) for a lead of 20 points or more in 2nd half of the game, through the end of the game.
  • All coaches must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Un-sportsmanlike conduct from anyone at any time may result in removal for the rest of the tournament.
  • If instructed to do so, the head coach must warn his/her fans about unacceptable behavior. Following a warning, a technical foul can be called on the fans and it will be assigned to the head coach.
  • After a technical foul has been called on or assigned to any bench personnel (indirect technical assigned to head coach), all bench personnel must remain seated for the balance of the game other than halftime or a called timeout.
  • Two (2) technical fouls called directly on any player, coach, or team representative during any one game will result in disqualification for the rest of the tournament. A combination of 3 technical fouls (1 direct + 2 indirect or 3 indirect) assigned to the head coach will result in their disqualification.
  • The official scorer (home) and the official timer (visitors) must be at least 18 years of age and must remain impartial. Failure to comply will result in a technical foul and / or removal from the scorers’ table.
  • It is required that players have numbers on the front and back of their jersey.
  • It is recommended that players have numbers on the front and back of their jersey but numbers on one side only is acceptable.
  • All referees’ decisions are final. There is no appeals process.
  • Should a team drop out of the tourney after the pools and brackets have been drawn, or should a registered team not show up for the tourney, the opposing team will be awarded a bye and be declared the winner of that game with a score of 20-0. Under no circumstance will the pool or bracket be re-drawn.
  • There will be no one allowed on the floor shooting around between games or at halftime
  • At the 6 minute mark of each half the fouls will be cleared off and a new running total will start. There will be 5 fouls per 6 minutes of game time. At the 5th team foul teams will shoot 2 free throws until the next reset or the game is over.
  • Only 2 coaches allowed on the bench and only 1 can stand up

Defensive Rules for 3rd & 4th Grades

  • No back-court guarding of any sort is allowed on any pass being inbounded from the back-court into a back-court area or at any time a team has gained definite possession in the back-court. Once possession is gained, defensive players may not hinder the offensive team in any way, even if done so by accident.
  • Any pass from back-court to front-court cannot be intercepted until the ball crosses the mid-court line.
  • An inbounds pass from front-court to back-court cannot be intercepted after the ball crosses the mid-court line and may not be defended in the back-court.
  • At the discretion of the referee, a violation of the back-court guarding rule can be whistled and the possessing team allowed to inbound from the appropriate back-court area.
  • During the final minute of each half as well as the last minute of any overtime period, all restrictions on back-court guarding (press) are removed.

Accommodations for Younger Players

  • Boys’ Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 use a ball size of 28.5“. Boys’ 7th & 8th grades use a ball size of 29.5”.
  • Boys’ Grade 3 will use 9-foot goals.
  • For all 3rd & 4th grades; No zone defense allowed at any time in the game.

School Tourney & Roster Rules

  • A team’s entry will not be confirmed until the completed registration is received.
  • Southridge Shootout is a “School Tourney” only. A team’s roster MUST consist of players that currently attend the same school or currently attend schools that feed directly into the same high school; no exceptions!
  • Players must participate at either their present grade level in school or at a higher grade level.
  • Coaches or their designate are responsible for controlling their fans before coming to a court monitor for assistance.
  • A player may be listed on only one roster and may participate on only one team.
  • Documentation confirming grade level and current school enrollment must be made available upon request of the tournament director. It is the head coach’s responsibility to have eligibility information in hand at all times. Failure to provide player eligibility information or actual participation by an ineligible player can result in forfeiture of games and removal from the tournament.

Pool Play Results for Tournament Seeding

Each team will play 2 pool games and then advance to a single elimination tournament. The tournament will be seeded based on pool results with the first qualifier being won-lost record. If needed, tie-breakers for identical won-lost records will be applied in the following order until the tie is broken:

  • Head to head competition (only applies to two teams with identical won-lost records)
  • Total point spread for all games played (maximum + or – of 20 points per game)
  • Points allowed
  • A coin flip
Note: In the event of identical won-lost records after pool play is complete, the first tiebreaker will be head to head competition, but this only applies to a two-way tie. Should three or more teams have the same won-lost records, tie breaker number 2 (total point spread for all games played) will be used immediately.